Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 – Best Development Practices (ISV Extensibility Best Practices)

This blog describes best practices for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 ISV extensibility. One of the key tenets of ISV extensibility is that you should not assume that your ISV solution is the only one installed. The following is a list of best practices to follow.

Best Practices for Consuming the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Web Services:

  • You should put the Microsoft Dynamics CRM web service URLs into a configuration file, for example app.config, so that your code is isolated from changes to the URL. For example, there are different URLs for the three Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online data centers throughout the world.

Where Should You Put Plug-ins and Custom Workflow Activities:

  • In my opinion we should have it registered and stored in the database.
  • For on-disk plug-ins or custom workflow activities, place the assemblies in the\Server\bin\assembly folder.

How Do You Execute a Plug-in When the Web Application’s Grid View Is Updated:

  • Register the plug-in on the RetrieveMultipleRequest message request and do not specify any entity type during the registration.

When Should You Create a New Website:

  • Create a new website for your code when: Your application needs to be bound to a domain, protocol, or port different from the Microsoft Dynamics CRM application or needs to run in a different application pool. Your application can exist and be accessed on its own. For example, a portal than interacts with Microsoft Dynamics CRM as the backend (using web services) should be hosted as a new website. Your application always uses Active Directory or Windows authentication (not IFD) and cross domain scripting is not an issue. For example, your application interacts with a back-end using web services and interacts with Microsoft Dynamics CRM forms. A page hosted in an IFRAME within the Microsoft Dynamics CRM application that does not interact with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM form falls into this category.

My above blog is based on and is a summary of Best Practices guidelines given by Microsoft.

I hope this blog about ‘Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 – Best Development Practices (ISV Extensibility Best Practices)’ was informative. Please feel free to leave your comments.

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